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Product Name: 
Edit Station System
Model No: ES-3

The Sony ES-3 EditStation system is an extremely flexible, powerful and high picture quality non-linear video editing system. Its operating interface is easy to use, allowing the user to focus more on the creative aspects of video production. Its open architecture also supports popular third-party software for graphics, paint and effects applications. Together with DV and DVCAM VTRs via standard digital interfaces such as i.LINK (DV IN/OUT), it forms an advanced digital post production system. This is because only the ES-3 system provides "Direct Digital Link" technology with virtually no signal degradation. High Performance, yet low cost, makes the ES-3 an ideal editing system in a wide variety of applications where creativity and ease of use are priorities.

Very Affordable - Operates with a standard PC and A/V hard disk drives in combination with its own processor unit and PCI interface board. Non-Linear Editing - Features an easy to use yet sophisticated GUI with various editing windows to simplify the editing process. Jog/Shuttle Control Panel - Jog/Shuttle of VTR's, Clips and the Timeline can be performed with the optional ESBK7011 Control Panel.

TWO Compression Modes - ES3 EditStation teams perfectly with DVCAM as standard and DIGITAL BETACAM using the ESBK3032 Uncompressed Option . UNCOMPRESSED Video Editing - With the ESBK3032 Uncompressed and ESBK3031 SDI/QSDI Options, formats such as Digital Betacam can be used. Direct Digital Link - Uses the i.LINK (IEEE-1394 based) interface for a (virtually lossless) digital path between camcorders/digital VTRs and ES-3. SDI Option - Fit the optional ESBK-3031 SDI/SDTI interface board for connection to studio SDI and SDTI (QSDI) digital VTRs. Built in Effects - Dissolves, Wipes, Slides and Titles in real time. ES-3 also features built in Effect Editors. 3rd party Software can be added. Analogue Like Audio Scrub - Analogue Sounding Audio Scrub can be performed with the mouse or optional ESBK7011 Control Panel. Real Time Audio Fader Learn - Up to 4 stereo pairs can be recorded in Real Time. With the ESBK7011 Control Panel manual slider control is available. Multimedia Creation - A versatile production tool not only for video and audio editing but also multimedia projects using standard file formats. ClipLink - Supports the ClipLink shot marking system. Quickly locates and digitises marked good takes shot on ClipLink capable DVCAM camcorders.

Analogue Interfaces - Maintains a bridge to the analogue world with Composite, Component and S-video inputs and outputs as standard. Layering Freedom - The Timeline supports an unlimited number of Tracks for Video or Title and unlimited layers of clips. Fully Customisable Interface - The ES3 allows users to customise the keyboard layout and on screen interface to suit a variety of different users. Standard Titler -Features a built-in Titling package using True Type Fonts with Importing of Files such as TGA, BMP and including Alpha Channel. Motion Control - Clips can be played back in Slow or Fast Motion with a variable speed of between 20 times normal speed. Open Architecture - Operate with a variety of third party Effects, Graphics and Paint software as well as supporting QuickTime and AVI files. Multi Standard - The system is easily switched to operate in either 525/60 or 625/50 standards, as well as 4:3 and 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratios. MPEG1 and MPEG2 Export with 3rd Party Plug In Software OMF File Export Support (XL Software Only)

Supplied Accessories:

  • AC power cable
  • ES-3 Application Software (CD-ROM)
  • Installation manual
  • Main Processor Unit x 1
  • Modular Cable
  • PCI Interface Board x 1
  • RJ47 8-pin Cable (Main Unit to PCI Interface Board)
  • Titling Software
Main Unit Power Requirements: AC 220~240V 50/60Hz Power Consumption: ~100W Dimensions: 442(w) x 134(h) x 365(d) mm Weight: 11kg Video Processing: Y:R-Y:B-Y = 4:2:2, 13.5MHz, 8bit Audio Processing: 48kHz, 16bit Compression: DV compression (fixed 25Mbps) or Uncompressed 8 bit Video with optional ESBK3032 VTR Edit Accuracy: +/- 0 frame using RS-422 and LTC/VITC or +/- 0 frame using DV control via I.LINK or +/- 1 frame usin

PCI Interface Board

  • Standard: PC/AT PCI Rev 2.1
  • Power Requirements: DC +5V 4.5A, DC+12V 100mA
  • Dimensions: Full size PCI board (313.8mm length)

Signal Connectors

  • Digital Input: SDI/SDTI (QSDI) - BNC, DV IN - DV Type 4-pin
  • Digital Input (Audio): AES/EBU - XLR 3-pin
  • Digital Output: SDI/SDTI (QSDI) - BNC, DV IN - DV Type 4-pin
  • Digital Output (Audio): AES/EBU - XLR 3-pin
  • Analogue Input: Composite - BNC Analogue
  • Analogue Input: Y, R-Y, B-Y - BNC
  • Analogue Input: S-Video - Mini DIN 4-pin
  • Analogue Input (Audio): XLR 3-pin x 4
  • Analogue Output: Composite - BNC Analogue
  • Analogue Output: Y, R-Y, B-Y - BNC
  • Analogue Output: S-Video - Mini DIN 4-pin
  • Analogue Output: Black Burst OUT - BNC
  • Analogue Output (Audio): XLR 3-pin x 2
  • Monitor Outputs (PCI Board): Monitor - Mini DIN 4-pin (S-Video)
  • Monitor Outputs (PCI Board): Audio - Mini Jack (3.5mm stereo)

Control Connectors

  • Player Remote: D-sub 9-pin, RS-422A
  • Recorder Remote: D-sub 9-pin, RS-422A
  • PC Interface (Main Unit): RJ47 8-pin (On Main Unit and PCI Interface Board)
  • Control Panel: D-sub 15-pin

Recommended PC

  • CPU & speed: Dual Intel Pentium III 500 MHz or faster
  • Chipset: Intel BX AGP set
  • Operating System: Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6a
  • Main Memory: 256 MB or more
  • System HDD: EIDE Ultra ATA Type or equivalent
  • VGA: Matrox Millennium G400 Dual Monitor 16MB AGP
  • Slots: 1 x PCI full size slot for supplied PCI board
  • Slots: 1 x PCI half size slot for SCSI controller
  • Slots: 1 x AGP half size slot for Video Card
  • Slots: 1 x PCI Full Size slot for Optional ESBK3021 Accelerator Card
  • Slots: 1 x PCI half size slot for 3rd Party Sound card if required
  • Slots: 1 x PCI hlaf size Slot for 3rd Party Network Card if required

Recommended A/V Drives

  • SCSI Controller: Adaptec AHA-3950U2
  • HDD: Min 2 x 7200Rpm Ultra 2 SCSI Hard Disk Drives for DV/DVCAM Compression
  • HDD: Min 4 x 18GB 10,000Rpm Ultra 2 SCSI Hard Drives for Uncompressed Video with Optional ESBK3032 Softwa

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