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Bose makes foray into Kazakhstan

Camry International Limited, a part of the Jumbo Group is partnering with Bose Export, Inc. to develop business in Kazakhstan. Renowned for its range of speakers and home entertainment systems, Bose Middle East. has appointed Camry International, as its distributor for the Kazakhstan market.

“This is a major achievement for Jumbo Group and asserts our hold on the electronics business in the CIS region. This association also gives us a toehold and helps understand the retail business in markets like Kazakhstan”, said Mrs. V M Chhabria, Chairperson, Jumbo Group.

According to Mr. John Dodson, General Manager, Bose Export Inc., Dubai, “We have always held Jumbo in high esteem, and we are delighted to have an opportunity to work with them in the exciting market of Kazakhstan. We hope to bolster the sales of our range of products through this association.”

In fact Camry International, a subsidiary of the Jumbo Group has already taken the retail initiative to promote sales of Bose range of products in Kazakhstan. The first Bose store has also been opened in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The products in the range include both Hi-Fi and Commercial Audio systems – on display are top of the line home theatre systems, music systems, environmental and marine speakers amongst others.

Camry International has registered a 700% growth in its turnover since inception in 1998. Its network of operations today spans the Middle East, Iran, CIS, GCC, USA, Europe, Far East, Africa and Central Asian countries.

About the Jumbo Group
The Jumbo Group is an international industrial and trading conglomerate comprising 28 companies and 20,000 employees in over 25 countries around the globe. The interests of the Jumbo Group include consumer electronics and durables, tyres and tubes, brewing and distilling products, chemicals, machinery and equipment.

About Bose
Bose Corporation founded in 1964 is a privately held company with annual sales of over US$1.4 billion. Manufacturers and marketers of the world’s best selling loudspeakers, it believes in reinvesting its profits for the company’s growth and development.

The Bose goal is to create products that combine high technology with simplicity and small size to create the best possible sound systems that are easy to use and accessible to all consumers.

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